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Dear newsletter reader,


We hope you had a good summer this year, and made the best of the chance to meet friends and family, perhaps travel abroad, or enjoy Trivelige Trøndelag. With summer days getting shorter and berry picking days getting fewer, our thoughts turn to autumn, where there is plenty going on in our Anglican church community...
Some important events this fall/autumn include welcoming students to a new academic year, getting sunday school started again after the break, and welcoming many important guests for the 20th year anniversary celebration of the Porvoo agreement on Sunday the 4th September. In case you didn't know, the Porvoo Communion involves 15 mainly northern European Anglican and Lutheran churches. It was established in 1992 by an agreement entitled the Porvoo Common Statement and was negotiated in the town of Järvenpää in Finland, but the Communion's name comes from the city of Porvoo where there was a joint celebration of Holy Communion after the formal signing in Järvenpää.
To find out more please read our Autumn Newletter with the calendar of events - see link below 

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Nidaros domkirke
Trondheim cathedral